UofT Undergraduate Security-Related Courses

UofT Undergraduate Security-Related Courses

MAT198: Cryptology: The Mathematics of Secrecy and Security**

Campus: St George

“In this course we will study breakthroughs in cryptology, from secret messages in the ancient world and the Enigma cipher in World War II, to modern cryptosystems that facilitate online commerce. Along the way, you will develop a sophisticated understanding of how numbers interact and develop the ability to communicate messages secretly and mathematics clearly. ”

Prereq: None

**Restricted to first-year students.

CSC300H1: Computers and Society

Campus: St George

“This course covers a wide range of topics within this area including the philosophical framework for analyzing computer ethics; the impact of computer technology on security, privacy and intellectual property, digital divide, and gender and racial discrimination; the ethical tensions with Artificial Intelligence around future of work and humanity, the emerging role of online social media over voice, inclusion, and democracy; and the environmental consequences of computing.”

Prereq: Any CSC half course

CSC347: Introduction to Information Security

Campus: Mississauga

“An investigation of many aspects of modern information security. Major topics cover: Techniques to identify and avoid common software development flaws which leave software vulnerable to crackers. Utilizing modern operating systems security features to deploy software in a protected environment. Common threats to networks and networked computers and tools to deal with them. Cryptography and the role it plays in software development, systems security and network security.”

Prereq:CSC209H5 and CSC236H5

CSC427: Computer Security

Campus: Mississauga

“Network attacks and defenses, operating system vulnerabilities, application security (e-mail, Web, databases), viruses, spyware, social engineering attacks, privacy and digital rights management. The course will cover both attack techniques and defense mechanisms.”

Prereq: CSC347H5 and CSC369H5

CSC458: Computer Networking Systems

Campus: St George

“Computer networks with an emphasis on network systems, network programming, and applications. Networking basics and Network systems design and programming. Additional topics include network security, multimedia, software-defined networking, peer-to-peer networking, and online social networks.”

Prereq: CSC209H1, CSC258H1, CSC263H1/CSC265H1, STA247H1/STA255H1/STA257H1/STA237H1/ECO227Y1

ECE568: Computer Security

Campus: St George

“This course covers principles of computer systems security. To build secure systems, one must understand how attackers operate. This course starts by teaching students how to identify security vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited. Then techniques to create secure systems and defend against such attacks will be discussed. Industry standards for conducting security audits to establish levels of security will be introduced. The course will include an introduction to basic cryptographic techniques as well as hardware used to accelerate cryptographic operations in ATM’s and webservers.”

Prereq: ECE344H1 or ECE353H1

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